Fastest V6 Turbo Buick at GS Nationals!

Congratulations to our own Gene Fleury for representing GN Northwest and the west coast turbo Buick community at the GS Nationals!

GS Nationals Trophy
Gene, along with Mike Marthaller, Shawn Miles, and the rest of the crew made the long trek to Bowling Green, Kentucky to attend the biggest Buick event of the year at the GS Nationals. Gene went 7.85@177.11 in the finals and took second place overall in the Big Gun Shootout. First went to a blown V8 big block car that went 7.127@186.74. You can see videos of the final run here and here. To use Mike's quote, Gene "treed that guy huge!".

We're incredibly proud of Gene and crew for an outstanding performance and bringing back the honors.  We had the fastest GN and the fastest Buick V6 at the 2012 GS Nationals!!