Zero Mile SyTy Drivetrain Unveiled!

While we've been having a blast digging through our recently acquired stash of SyTy parts, we figured it was time to take a closer look at the collection's crown jewel!

So we decided to spend some time unwrapping the zero-mile drivetrain and photographing what we found! It's pretty sweet to see something so original, so we didn't spend any time cleaning off the ~20 years of dust - we just wanted our customers to be able to share the experience like they were there. We also took special care to photograph all of the casting numbers and tags and labels that we could find. First (and possibly coolest) were the Maldaver Company tags for the engine assembly, transmission, and transfer case, which indicate a 1992 Syclone application (yes. . . 1992 :)).

We got in touch with the guy who sold this drivetrain to the person we bought it from and he told us that, when the 1992 Syclone run was scrapped by GM, Maldaver went in and purchased a big lot of the overrun parts and then sold them off - this guy bought quite a few of them. We don't know if it's true or not - some of the casting dates lead us to believe that it might be left over from the 1992 Typhoon run, but it's a cool story either way!

SyTy Engine Tags
After that, we decided to dig into the wrapping and this is what we found.  Enjoy!


Unfortunately, with any item this big and heavy that's been around for 20 years, there's likely to be some wear and tear.  As wonderful and complete as this piece is, there are a few damaged bits.  [1] There's a scratch in the coating on the top of the intake, [2] there's a bent pulley, [3] the turbo wastegate actuator can looks like it had some pressure put on it (scuffing on the outside of the can, and the bracket looks slightly bent), and [4] the dust cover on the end of the transfer case is torn.  Luckily, nothing that can't be easily repaired!