Look What We Found!

We recently inherited a local collection of SyTy parts, but we didn't really know what we were getting into!

We spent the whole day today on a SyTy parts treasure hunt, and at GNNW, we LOVE treasure hunts!  We literally filled up a truck with various SyTy stuff and brought it back to the shop. As we started unpacking and sorting it, we found some really great stuff! A lot of it needs to be scrubbed up a bit from years of storage, but we thought we'd post some preliminary pics nonetheless. The crown jewel of the collection is this 0 (yes, zero) mile, brand new SyTy drivetrain in (most of) the factory wrap. This is complete as it comes and we're pretty excited to have found it!
More Zero Mile Sy Ty DrivetrainZero Mile SyTy Drivetrain

As we dug a little deeper, though, we found some great stuff.  Like all of this new (and near new) cladding:
Dirty SyTy Cladding

Looks like a Typhoon exploded in our bay. :)  Oh, and how about a couple of brand new in box wheels?

New Syty Wheel BoxNew SyTy Wheel

Or, maybe several sets of new Typhoon interior panels?

Typhoon Rear Interior Panels

And there's TONS more stuff to go through.  I know I saw some brand new in box wheel center caps too.  We just really started digging, so watch our website for updates as we catalog all the goodies we found!