1993 Typhoon - Royal Blue!

Please welcome the newest member of the GN Northwest family - our Royal Blue 1993 Typhoon!

At GNNW, we're no stranger to Syclones and Typhoons - we've owned 6 of them between us and one of our partners owns 3 right now (look for one of them at Turbo Thunder this summer). There's just not much more fun in the car world than a well-timed SyTy boost launch, made all the more worthwhile by the look on your unsuspecting opponent's face if they ever catch back up to you. :)

Syclones are awesome and wicked fast, but Typhoons are a special joy: it's really hard to beat them for comfort and utility, so, when the opportunity came up to pick up a local, one-owner truck in awesome condition, we just had to welcome it into the GNNW family! We know - this post is worthless without pics! So here are some. Sorry the truck isn't really clean yet - the weather hasn't been cooperating around here.