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Here at GN Northwest, we strive to be the best auto repair facility in Everett, Seattle and the rest of the Pacific Northwest. Our approach to auto repair is to be absolutely obsessed with quality and customer satisfaction. In addition to our excellent service, we take great pleasure in making things faster. Anything, really. . . but we're particularly into turbo and supercharger applications. Our first love is the Buick Grand National, but we have owned and built GMC Syclones and Typhoons, C5 and C6 Chevrolet Corvettes (Z06), Terminator Ford Cobras, Shelby GT500s, Dodge Challengers, Audi S4s, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions, Nissan GT-Rs and many others. Unlike many performance shops, we're not make or model bigots - if you love your car and need a knowledgeable, careful, performance-oriented shop to work on it, you've come to the right place!

We're also the Pacific Northwest's Buick Grand National, GNX, Turbo Regal, Pontiac Turbo Trans Am, GMC Syclone, and GMC Typhoon headquarters. We absolutely love these vehicles: they're in our blood and we love to make them the best they can be.  With over 17 years of experience owning, building, racing, and maintaining them, we provide full-service repairs, regular maintenance, and installation and tuning of performance upgrades for the street or the strip. We stock and use only the best parts - the stuff that we'd put on our own cars - and handle every customer vehicle with the great care and attention to detail that they deserve.

Home of Gene Fleury's Silver Rocket
Home of the West Coast's MOST POWERFUL Buick V6!
Best Time: 7.556@ 185.56 Mph 1.132 60Ft (Mission Raceway, 7/6/2013 1:22P)

Turbo Thunder XVIII at Pacific Raceways - August 11th and 12th - Presented By GN Northwest with a special thanks to our sponsors!

Congratulations to our own Gene Fleury for representing GN Northwest and the west coast turbo Buick community at the GS Nationals!

After painting the tube chassis car Black Jade Pearl for the 2012 race season, Gene decided he wanted a different look, so he went with bright Silver. We think it looks great!

Better late than never! Here's a link to a gallery of pics from this year's Turbo Thunder event.

That's right - just a few short weeks after running his first 8s pass in the GN Northwest Stage 2 Buick V6, Gene Fleury made another personal best run and broke into the 7s!

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